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Truck and Warehouse


Road Logistics

Also referred to as ‘road haulage’ or ‘road transport’, road freight is the transfer of goods and merchandise on roadways with the use of a vehicle (usually a truck). This is one of the most common modes of transport for goods worldwide because it’s efficient, effective and considerably less expensive that air freight.

Because of the varying nature of transported goods and cargo, there are different types of road transport used by logistics companies around the world. This is also based on the degree of development and local infrastructure, as well as the distance that the goods are required to travel by road. The weight and volume of an individual shipment also play an important role when deciding on a type of vehicle.

For short distances and light, small shipments a van or pickup truck will suffice, whereas large shipments (even if less than a truckload) are transported by a truck. This is often in the form of a third-party logistics (3PL) solution that allows for more cost-effective pricing and improved supply chain management.

Why use a freight forwarder?

The benefits of using a freight forwarder are well known by those who have done it before. Specialists in the industry have the experience and knowledge needed to understand every single step in the procedure – from ‘dock to door’. This includes standardisation and harmonisation of road traffic conventions, regulations and vehicle technologies, such as:

  • The adoption of compatible traffic management systems, especially relating to vehicle roadworthiness, vehicle and driver licensing, gross vehicle and axle mass limits, and maximum vehicle dimensions;

  • Border-crossing arrangements and dwell-time caused by customs policies;

  • Road design standards (minimum pavement strengths to allow for heavy hauls, and minimum lane widths to allow for the transport of large freight items);

  • Truck stops and resting facilities for the crew;

  • Availability of emergency and communication operations and systems; and

  • Vehicle repairs, maintenance, recovery and other emergency services.

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