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Cargo Ship at Sea


Sea Logistics 

You can trust us to deliver as promised: We have the right container shipping solution and expertise for you to get your products in the right place and on time. In Saudi Arabia and globally, our sea freight specialists are ready to find the most efficient shipping connections to meet your unique requirements to support and grow your business. 


What is Sea Freight?

Watan offers a cost-effective transportation method of goods using a carrier ships that can carry up to 18,000 containers. 

Methods include: 

  • FCL or Full container load

  • LCL or Less than container load

  • RORO or Roll on roll off

  • Dry bulk shipping

What is the difference?


  Sea freight is economically and environmentally superior to other forms of product delivery service, but only if you are looking to               transport large quantities or if the destination country is far away.


Full container(s) to send on ship


Less than a container load


Transporting wheeled cargo that is driven on and off

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